I Blame the Hitler Zombie (shudder)

Orac has the goods on some stupid statements, about the stem cell ammendment here in Missouri, by the starting pitcher (Jeff Suppan) in tonights World Series Game. Clearly, the Tigers have sicked their supernatural, brain munching furher on Jeff Suppan. How else do you explain the correlation between Tigers games and the Hitler Zombie’s (shudder) attacks? I’m sure if the Tigers win there will be an orgy of brain munching activity the likes of which the world has never seen…Prevent the apocalypse, root for the Cardinals!
Yeah, I know it’s a weak defense, but really this was a mind bogglingly stupid thing for Suppan to claim, because as Orac points out the bill clearly states the following:

(1) No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being.
(2) No human blastocyst may be produced by fertilization solely for the purpose of stem cell research.

Note to All of You Who Think Kenny Rogers Cheated

Get over it. The game is over and the Tigers won. Best thing for the Cardinals to do is to hush and to take two out of three in St. Louis and one of the remaining two in Detroit – thus winning the series in seven. Chronically whinning about it is only going to piss the Tigers off and make it harder for the Cardinals to win (which they will) the series…Remember, this is not 1985…

Cardinals Lose Game Two

Well, we almost pulled it off. Bases loaded with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. One run already across (why was Edmonds batting 6th?). Tigers dodged a bullet. The series is now tied at 1-1, which does not change my hypothesis of the Cardinals winning the Series in seven…Homefield advantage for the next three games doesn’t hurt my theory either…

Go Cardinals: Detroit Fans in Denial

Fans of the Tigers are, of course, in denial. It will be the Cardinals in seven!
Go Cardinals

Cardinals in the World Series: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

I’m a little shocked the Cardinals made it to the World Series. They have played erratically all season, but be that as it may I’m sure we will correct the error that was 1968.

Woohooo! Go Vols!

Kicked Cals Ass 35-18!
That’s the UT I know…


Oh, Well. Better luck next year…




Finally, some pictures from my recent sailing trip!
This is my San Juan 21. We keep them on their trailers then when we want to go sailing we use a hoist to put them in the water.

On Shore Posted by Picasa

This isn’t a very good picture. The bird you can barely see is very interesting. last year a pair of them made a nest on the pontoon boat the racing committee uses. Apparently the fact that the boat moved all over the lake didn’t bother them. When it was out on the lake the fly out and find it. A great example of animals adapting to changed environments.

The Bird Posted by Picasa

The winds were strong with occasional gusts.

Really Flying Posted by Picasa

As you can see from the wake we were really moving. Which created some conflict. My daughters were a little concered and were holloring at me to slow down. For those of you unacquainted with sailing when you go fast you are also heeled over so there is an upside and a downside on the boat. People on the downside are really, really close to the water (guess who that would have been, hehe).

Really Flying II Posted by Picasa

My wife, on the other hand, likes to sail fast and was holloring at me to go faster.

Me Posted by Picasa

Me? I didn’t care. I was to busy enjoying the beauty:

Beautiful Posted by Picasa

of Nature:

Heaven Posted by Picasa

While on our trip we also saw a ground hog (which sat up as we were taking this picture. I also snapped a picture of a deer running parallel to our care and about 7 feet away but it didn’t turn out (I think because it was dusk so there was not enough light – even with a flash).

Groundhog Posted by Picasa

Anyway I had some pictures left over so I took some of my cats. I don’t get that many feline visitors to my blog so I thought I’d post these in an effort to pander to them.
This is Pounce. He’s a wild ferrocious jungle kitty that likes to get out and roam the neighborhood. I’m a bit surprised really. He’s not that big. There are much bigger cats hanging around my neighborhood, but he never seems to come home with any evidence of being in fights. He’s either really mean or runs really quick!
Pounce Posted by Picasa

This is Little Foot. He is, umm, not very bright. He was rolling around acting silly on one of the steps one day and got one of his paws caught in his collar – rolled down half a flight of steps before I caught him and got his paw untangled. Mrs. afarensis thinks he’s a dog trapped in a cats body because of stuff like that. Life really seems to have him bewildered.

Little Foot Posted by Picasa

Gone Sailing!

Finally getting ready to leave for the lake. In the meantime, Snail’s Tales has an excellent post at Transitions. Check it out. I’ll be back Saturday evening or Sunday morning – depending on the wind!

Gone Sailing Posted by Hello
I in the very back