The Return of Darwinius masillae

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The team that brought us Darwinius masillae has a new paper out defending the haplorhine status Darwinius masillae. The paper is a response to Williams et al (you can read about that paper here). The paper raises an issue that I have blogged about in a previous post but the Gingerich et al paper is a good example of what Rudolf Raff was talking about. Continue reading

Confused By A Talus: The Talus of Darwinius masillae

The tarsal is part of the ankel. It sits on the calcaneus and in turn articulates with the tibia (medial) and fibula (lateral). It is the main weight bearing portion of the ankle.

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Hypocrisy and Darwinius masillae

PZ has a link to an interview with some of the Darwinius masillae hype. One comment, by Jørn Hurum, stands out:

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