Cute Baby Gorilla


Name The Baby Gorilla Contest

The San Francisco Zoo is holding a contest to name a male baby western lowland gorilla. If you need inspiration, you can see pictures and a video of the gorilla here.
(Hat tip tip to the Panda’s Thumb)

Political Turmoil and the Gorillas of Virunga

National Geographic has an interesting story about how the arrest of a Congo warlord is putting the Gorillas at Virunga National Park:

After a 15-month-long absence, the rangers were able to return in November 2008 after the park’s director, Emmanuel de Merode, struck a deal directly with Nkunda to allow his rangers to resume their work.
It’s unclear how that arrangement–and the protection of the gorillas–will be affected by Nkunda’s arrest.
“We’re being swept around by [political] events right now, but the national park has made a very concerted effort to remain apolitical,” de Merode said Friday from the city of Goma, located outside Virunga.

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Von Economo Neurons and Hominoids

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would have more to say about primates, brain evolution, and life history. I still plan on exploring that in future posts, but wanted to mention this interesting item that deserves a post of its own.

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Virunga National Park Website: Please Donate to Help Save The Gorillas

Virunga National Park has a website check it out. You can find also sorts of neat stuff – such as the video of the silverback below. Or this post about two baby, orphan, mountain gorillas. The park needs your help and to that end there are various categories and levels you cans choose if you would like to help the park. Just follow the link above.

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Dian Fossey’s Gorillas Are Being Exhumed

According to National Geographic the remains of 72 Rwandan mountain gorillas are being exhumed for scientific study:

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The Gorillas of Virunga: An Update on the Killings

I’m sure many of you remember the orgy of gorilla killing at Virunga National park in 2007. According to The BBC there have been some developments in the case.

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