De-Baptising Ceremonies? Srsly?

I don’t get it. According to USA Today the idea seems to catching on.

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Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, also it is Joshua’s as well (go wish him a Happy Birthday). Some interesting things have happened on July 26th. Glad this didn’t happen:


Dogs as Models of Human Behavior

Back in March I wrote this post looking at which species are better models for the evolution of human behavior and cognition. A new paper on the subject has come out in the journal Behavioral and Brain Functions.

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Jimmy Carter on Women’s Rights and Religion

I must say, the man never fails to amaze me. Carter has an opinion piece here that is a must read.

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A Brilliant Take On Pareidolia

This is excellent:
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Texas Social Studies Standards: Getting Nuttier By The Minute

This is from the Houston Chronicle. Apparently the social studies standards are in line to be converted into some serious stupid:

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Four Stone Hearth Volume 71 is Up!

Volume 71 of the Four Stone Hearth can be found at Neuroanthropology. Check it Out!

Why Do Dogs Bark?

PhysOrg.Com mentions some interesting research being published in Behavioural Processes. Not Only Dogs, but Deer, Monkeys and Birds Bark to Deal with Conflict:

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Arago: How Long Was The Cave Occupied?

PhysOrg.Com mentions new research on the question of long term occupation vs many seasonal occupations. The study uses dental microwear analysis of ungulates to address the question.

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Evolution of Nuclear Pore Elements

Science Daily mentions an interesting paper on Core Nuclear Pore Elements Likely Shared By All Eukaryotes:

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