Know Your Primate: Cebus libidinosus

Order: Primates
Suborder: Haplorrhini
Family: Cebidae
Subfamily: Cebinae
Genus: Cebus
Species: Cebus libidinosus
Common Name: Black-striped capuchin
The genus Cebus is, currently, composed of eight species. I was not able to find out much about the black-striped capuchin – other than that it lives in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. I have chosen it in place of it’s more widely known cogeners because of one unique trait.

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Know Your Primate: Saturday Edition

Order Primates
Suborder Anthropoidea
Superfamily Ateloidea
Family Cebidae
Subfamily Cebinae
Species: Killikaike blakei
Killikaike blakei is a fossil species dating to the Miocene. Specimens were described and the species named back in March of 2006. The fossils come from Argentina.

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