Southwestern Archaeology Items of Interest

For those interested in Southwestern archaeology I have stumbled across a couple of interesting links.

First, there is a you tube channel devoted to Hohokam archaeology.

Second, a new blog, by Steve Lekson, called The Southwest in the World is excerpting material from a book in progress. From the about section:

The Southwest in the World is the working title of a book I’m writing. I’ve decided to put parts of each chapter on the web, more or less as they are being written. Actually, I am posting a short summary essay linked to a PDF of a “chapter fragment” — the in-process draft. If you want the whole thing, read the PDF; but be aware that it’s a rough draft, lacking illustrations, incomplete references, etc. The PDF chapter fragments will disappear after about a month; summary essays will remain posted.

The Southwest in the World is the second in a series of three books. In 2009, I published the first, a book looking at the region historically: A History of the Ancient Southwest (SAR Press). The current (second) book, The Southwest in the World, uses that history to do science. It’s a science book. A third book (if I live that long) will look at Southwestern archaeology through arts and literature; its working title is History & Heritage in Southwestern Archaeology.. I have read a few of the posts and they are quite interesting…

Interesting Science News

A number of items, ranging from paleontology and developmental genetics to osteology and primatology caught my attention this week. Continue reading

A New Study on Homo floresiensis

Nature News mentions a new study on Homo floresiensis that concludes that the fossil is that of a microcephalic modern human. The study is actually published in PNAS (and if someone could send me a copy I would appreciate it – my email is in the about tab). Continue reading

Good God, Really?

Woordpress has, apparently become the blogging choice of idiots. I say this because after hitting publish on the last post what popped up?
Continue reading

Well, That Was A Horrible Month

July sucked. Between health problems of mine, health problems of my wife’s, and doing something awful to my computer that cost me all of my book marks and email addresses, and being chronically on the verge of loosing my job July sucks. I’m better, my wife is getting better, I’m back online – sans the bookmarks and email addresses – and still have a job. So things are looking up. I will return to normal posting in the next day or so…