My Christmas Present

Mrs. Afarensis got me the item below for Christmas:

Here is a description of it’s capabilities:
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Begging for the Denisova Paper

Can some one send me a copy of the paper below?

Genetic history of an archaic hominin group from Denisova Cave in Siberia
David Reich et al Nature Volume: 468, Pages: 1053–1060 DOI: doi:10.1038/nature09710

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I have the article now, thanks!

Four Stone Hearth 109 is up!

You can find the 109th edition of the Four Stone Hearth at Testimony of the Spade. Check it Out!

Begging for an article, again…sigh

Can someone send me a copy of the paper below?

New Genes in Drosophila Quickly Become Essential
Sidi Chen, Yong E. Zhang and Manyuan Long

Science 17 December 2010:
Vol. 330 no. 6011 pp. 1682-1685
DOI: 10.1126/science.1196380

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The Four Stone Hearth: Special Monkey Day Edition Is Up

The special Monkey Day edition of the Four Stone Hearth is up at This is serious monkey business! Check out all the primate goodness!

Monkey Day is Tomorrow

Monkey day is tomorrow! Please contribute or the monkey mafia will want an explanation…


A Friendly Monkey Day Reminder

Monkey Day is in three days! Have you contributed?

Four Stone Hearth Volume 107 is Up!

The 107th edition of the Four Stone Hearth is up at Archive Fire! Check it out there is some quality writing to be found there.

Monkey Day and the Four Stone Hearth

Monkey Day on Facebook

Monkey Day is on 12/14 and since I love primates I have decided, in conjunction with This is Serious Monkey Business, to have a special edition of the Four Stone Hearth to help celebrate. More information on what we are looking for, as well as additional contact information, can be found here so be on the lookout for posts related to primates.

I am also thinking of extending the idea and having special editions whenever there are important or controversial anthropology stories hitting the news (think Ardipithecus, Darwinius, Neanderthal genome, etc.).

Update 1: The next edition of the Four Stone Hearth will be at Archive Fire on 12/08. Follow the link to get submission information. You may also submit posts to me at the email address on the “about” tab.

I am also still looking for hosts for 01/05/11 and 02/02/11.

Changing Views on Australopithecus afarensis

The other day I stumbled across an interesting article by Kimbel and Delezene, published last year in the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology, called ‘‘Lucy’’ Redux: A Review of Research on Australopithecus afarensis. I’m just now getting around to reading it and one paragraph jumped out at me: Continue reading