Vampire Bat on A Treadmill

Does one ever need a good reason to post videos of bats – especially vampire bats?

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FoxP2 and Echolocation in Bats and Whales

As I mentioned previously PLOS has an interesting paper on echolocation in bats and whales (you may also recall this post on echolocation in whales). The PloS One paper looks at the FoxP2 gene in bats, cetaceans and various other animals.

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FOXP2 and Echolocation

The FOXP2 gene has been been implicated in evolution of human language and now, according to Science Daily, the gene has a role in echolocation as well. The research is being published in PLOS One (I haven’t had a chance to read it yet so I am relying on Science Daily). According to Science Daily:

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Vampire Bats and Stable Isotope Analysis

Science Daily reports on research using stable isotope analysis to identify whether vampire bats are feeding on domestic cattle or wild mammals:

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The Evolution of Bats

A while back I provided links on the evolution of the eye. Here are two links for a fascinating discovery concerning the evolution of bats.