Know Your Primate: Diademed Sifaka

Order: Primates
Infraorder: Lemuriformes
Family: Indriidae
Subfamily: Indriinae
Genus: Propithecus
Species: Propithecus diadema
Common Name: Diademed Sifaka
The Indriinae are composed of eight genera, of which four are extinct. The genus Propithecus contains three species, with Propithecus diadema being the larger. Currently, Propithecus diadema is divided into four subspecies: Propithecus diadema diadema, Propithecus diadema edwardsi, Propithecus diadema candidus, and Propithecus diadema perrieri distinguished mainly on the basis of pelage.

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Friday Know Your Primate: Indris

Infraorder Lemuriformes
Family Indriidae
Subfamily Indriinae
Genus Indris
Species Indri Indri

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