Just Ruin Halloween Why Don’t You?

This, from the BBC News, about a group that wants to ruin Halloween:

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Grad School at the American Museum of Natural History

Via Dino list comes the interesting news that the AMNH has been granted the ability to grant Ph. D.s:

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Vandalizing Rock Art

According to the Salt Lake Tribune vandals recently destroyed rock art dating back several thousand years:

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Snakes on a (Galactic) Plane

Via the JPL comes this great picture of snakes on a galactic plane

Holy Crap! I Need To Move

According to a story on ABC News St. Louis has been named the most dangerous city. Of course it ain’t all bad:

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It’s Baaack!

In one of the crappiest excuses for science writing I have seen in quite awhile, ABC news guy Nick Watt, peddles some propaganda for Semir Osmanagic.

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Underwater Archaeology

This is cool. Archaeology: Dig It points us to The Museum of Underwater Archaeology website.

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