Roy Halladay Jersey For Sale

This is a case of “Let the buyer beware.” I am an avid baseball fan, and living in St. Louis, my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. On of my favorite players – well ex-player now, is Jim Edmonds who played centerfield for the Cardinals from 2000 to 2008. Solast December my youngest daughter and her boyfriend wanted to get me a Jim Edmonds jersey for Christmas. I didn’t want them to shell out the $100.00 or so dollars from the team store so I hopped on line and found this. $30.00 sounded like a good deal and the fact that the shipping and handling was $20.00 didn’t set off any warning bells (it should have though), because what I actually received was a Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay jersey. So, I got it touch with the seller and after exchanging 5-6 emails the upshot was that I would need to pay more money to get the item I ordered – with no guarantee that I would actually get the item I ordered. I have no interest in throwing good money after bad and contented myself with reporting the company to the BBB and the Attorney General for the State of Missouri (not that I think either of those actions will do any good).

If anybody is interested in buying the jersey let me know, it is $50.00 – although that is somewhat negotiable.

Edit to add: I forgot to include pictures:

Size is 2x

I Love A Good Sailing Story

I found this over at TPM and wanted to reproduce it here (it’s from Ted Kennedy Jr’s remarks at his father’s funeral) :

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Another Reason Not To Like The Yankees

Not content with inflicting that detestable “Gob Bless America” on their fans, they have to chain the exits so folks can’t leave while the dreck is being sung:

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I Thought Sailboat Owners Were Better Than This

I have occasionally mentioned in the past that I like to sail. I even own my own sailboat. That is why I find this article to be appalling. Times are tough for people who own boats:

Some of those disposing of their boats are in the same bind as overstretched homeowners: they face steep payments on an asset that is diminishing in value and decide not to continue. They either default on the debt or take bolder measures.
Marina and maritime officials around the country say they believe, however, that most of the abandoned vessels cluttering their waters are fully paid for. They are expensive-to-maintain toys that have lost their appeal.
The owners cannot sell them, because the secondhand market is overwhelmed. They cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month mooring and maintaining them. And they do not have the thousands of dollars required to properly dispose of them.

So they end up like this:

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Who’s On First?

I can’t resist this legendary bit of baseball lore!

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The Bowl Games

Hah! Take that Wisconsin! I’m glad Tennessee finally managed to win another bowl game! It looks like Mizzou is going to win as well. Now if Michigan can beat those despicable Gators…
Update 1: The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Gators go down in defeat. Hopefully, they will move to Australia (like Alexander wanted too) and quite pestering Tennessee…

Nervous Breakdown Time

Missouri vs Oklahoma
14-14 at halftime…


Don’t want to jink jinx anything but Mizzou is leading Kansas 28-7 with 1:11 left in the third quarter. Go Mizzou!
Update 1: Damn! I have jinked jinxed it. Kansas got a touchdown. Mizzou now leads 31-14 with a little under ten minutes in the fourth…
Update 2: Nooooooo! Kansas has scored another TD. Mizzou still leads 31-21.
Update 3: It’s getting tense, Mizzou is still leading 34-28
Update 4: 36-28 with 17 seconds…
Added bonus, Tennessee beat Kentucky and is playing the snitgobbers from LSU in the SEC Championship game…

The Tiger Wants a Little Jayhawk for Lunch

Saturday at Arrowhead…

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Cardinals Win the Series!

Strangely enough, the sun is out this morning in St. Louis (no that is not a metaphor, we finally have some sunshine after a week of clouds and rain). The Cheerful Oncologist has some great pictures (Celebrate!) and Orac links to a well written explanation of what when wrong from the point of view of a Tigers fan…