Know Your Primate: Notharctus

Infraorder: Lemuriformes
Family: Adapidae
Subfamily: Notharctinae
Genera: Notharctus
Species: N. robinsoni, N. tenebrosus, N. pugnax, and N. robustior
Notharctus is an Eocene genera of primates found only in North America. Notharctus forms a single evolving lineage with the earlier Cantius and Pelycodus, consequently it can be hard to tell where Cantius leaves off and Notharctus begins.

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Friday Know Your Primate

Order Primates
Infraorder Strepsirrhini
Family Adapidae
Genus Adapis
Species Adapis parisiensis
The Adapidae are fossil primates that range from the early Eocene to the late Miocene in Europe and North America. They were most numerous during the middle Eocene. There are two subfamilies (Northarctinae and Adapinae) comprised of 19 genera (five in Northarctinae, the rest in Adapinae). Perhaps the best know of the Adapinae is Adapis parisiensis – a medium sized primate from the late Eocene in France.

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