Interesting Science News

Still working on my review of Science and Human Origins (yes, I have been somewhat lazy when it comes to blogging) in the meantime enjoy the following items.
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Bummer…Hip Dysplasia

Thursday my dog started having trouble with his left rear leg and would not put any weight on it. Took him to the vet, turns out he has hip dysplasia. At this point, the prescription is losing 20 lbs (he weighs 91) and short walks. We will also be putting him on antinflammatories. The vet also mentioned Duralactin – which has something to do with hyperimmunized cow’s milk …said it was homeopathic so I doubt we will be using it. I’m thinking ice packs might help, also. Any advice from people dealing with this would be appreciated.


From Drought To Rainy

We had a very dry summer. But of late it has been quite rainy.
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