Interesting Science Picture: Part XIV

A bug with bifocals:

Figure 1. Illustration of the Third-Instar Larvae of Thermonectus marmoratus and Its Principal Eyes (A) Picture of the entire animal. (B) Scanning electron micrograph of the larval head, showing the two large lenses of the principal eyes (E1 and E2) on each side of the head. (C) The gross optical and neural organization of E2. Inserts a and b schematically illustrate the eye organization of the two sections indicated in the scanning-electron-micrograph image. White lines show the approximate visual fields of the retinas. Abbreviations are as follows: PR, proximal retina; DR, distal retina; P, pit of distal retina.

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Know Your Primate: Callicebus caquetensis

A new species of Titi monkey has been discovered in Columbia:

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Begging for an article: Part ∞

Could someone send me the article below:

Evidence for stone-tool-assisted consumption of animal tissues before 3.39 million years ago at Dikika, Ethiopia, Nature 466, 857-860 (12 August 2010) | doi:10.1038/nature09248

Update 1: I have the article now. Thanks. Also, I hope to have the next post on rickets up tomorrow evening.

Censoring Science and Nobody Cares

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Shame on the National Park Service: Will Blair Mountain Be Strip-Mined?

The National Park Service has made a horrible decision on Blair Mountain. The mountain was the scene of a battle between coal miners, coal companies and the government. The L. A. Times describes the National Park Service’s horrible decision on Blair Mountain:
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Rickets, Neanderthals, And Lubenow: Part One

I have mentioned previously that I was reading Lubenow’s Bones of Contention. In this post I would like to focus on Lubenow’s understanding of rickets and Neanderthal morphology. In order to discuss that I first need to discuss vitamin D deficiency Continue reading

Interesting Science Pictures: Part XIII

Picture Source: Concealed Neuroanatomy in Michelangelo’s Separation of Light From Darkness in the Sistine Chapel
Suk, Ian BSc, BMC; Tamargo, Rafael J. MD, FACS
Neurosurgery: May 2010 – Volume 66 – Issue 5 – p 851–861
doi: 10.1227/01.NEU.0000368101.34523.E1