Interesting Science Pictures: Part XII

This is from an article in PaleoAnthropology. The map, of the find locations for the Ngangdong specimens, hasn’t been seen in 75 years.

Picture source: Huffman et al (2010) Provenience Reassessment of the 1931–1933 Ngandong Homo erectus (Java), Confirmation of the Bone-Bed Origin Reported by the Discoverers. PaleoAnthropology 2010:1-60 doi:10.4207/PA.2010.ART34

NatureNews Interviews Russell Ciochon on Ngandong

This is an interesting interview

The Independent Origins of Blood/Oxygen Transport Mechanisms

This is pretty cool. Science Daily PhysOrg mentions research in PNAS

An extended excerpt from Science Daily PhysOrg:

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The Return of Antillothrix bernensis

Way back in 2006 I included Antillothrix bernensis in my “know your primate” series. At that point there wasn’t much to say; Continue reading

Road Trip: Mastadon State Park and Graham Cave State Park

Yesterday I went to Mastadon State Park (in Imperial, MO). I have been there before and mainly went because I needed to replenish my stock of sabertooth tiger and mastadon earrings. I also picked up a nifty sabertooth tiger key chain. On the other hand, I have never been to Graham Cave – which is a rather important site in Missouri (you can find out more about it here). I was somewhat disappointed with Graham Cave. Continue reading

Interesting Science Pictures: Part XI

Figure 3. Comparison of the femur (a, anterior view; b, posterior view) and ulna (c, lateral; d, medial) of Antillothrix bernensis (top) and a male Cebus apella with unfused epiphyses (bottom). Scale bar, 1 cm. See electronic supplementary material, figures S5 and S6.

From: Rosenberger et al (2010) First skull of Antillothrix bernensis, an extinct relict monkey from the Dominican Republic. Proc. R. Soc. B.

doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1249

Four Stone Hearth Vol 97 is Up

The Four Stone Hearth is up at Zenobia: Empress of the East. Check it out!

Sinanthropus Returns!

Dennis Etler has resumed writing Sinanthropus, apparently back in June. I’m irked that I missed that because I would have loved to have included a piece by him in the Four Stone Hearth, when I recently hosted the carnival. There are a number of interesting posts on Australopithecines, Lufengpithecus, bipedalism, and a bunch of other interesting things (including This take on the Holliday article I recently blogged about). Check it out!

Bob O’Hara You Are An Evil, Evil Man

Okay, I have to confess. This made me laugh harder than I have in a couple of weeks.

My first post will be about a remarkable paper (still embargoed) that describes context-dependent dispersal strategies in maritime rodents.

I’m still laughing…

P. S. Bob, how is the veal? Should we tickle tip the waitress? Will you be here all week?

I Support ScienceBloggers!

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