Lucy’s Pelvis and Creationists

A while back I wrote this post pointing readers to an interesting look at the way creationists misuse Owen Lovejoy’s reconstruction of Lucy’s pelvis to try and cast doubt on human evolution. Unfortunately the piece I linked has vanished – as has the entire website the piece was on. Fortunately, Chris O’Brien has covered the same ground in a post at Northstate Science.

Rickets, Neanderthals, And Lubenow: Part One

I have mentioned previously that I was reading Lubenow’s Bones of Contention. In this post I would like to focus on Lubenow’s understanding of rickets and Neanderthal morphology. In order to discuss that I first need to discuss vitamin D deficiency Continue reading

Martin Lubenow Doesn’t Understand Evolution…Or Paleoanthropology

After reading a large number of posts by Jim Foley that mention Lubenow’s book Bones of Contention I finally went out and found a good used copy of the first edition. I was going to review it when I am finished reading it, but I have encountered a couple of items that I just couldn’t resist blogging about. Continue reading

Damn! Comfort Is Passing Out Copies of The Origin Early

Apparently Ray’s plans have changed. Anybody out there snag an extra copy that they would be willing to donate to a 3.5-2.8 million year old hominin?

Something’s Missing From Comfort’s Version of On the Origin of Species

Genie Scott has the story:

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Can Someone Snag Me One of These?

Comfort and Kirk are going to be passing out copies of the Origin of Species complete with an introduction by Ray Comfort. I really, really, want a copy. I’ll even pay the shipping and handling to get it here. So, on 11/19/09 if you happen to see some fundy wackanoodle handing them out, don’t just walk by laughing hysterically, snag one for me!

A Visit to the Creation Museum

What happens when a bunch of atheists visit the Creation Museum of Ken Ham? The answer is below the fold,

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