Late on Four Stone Hearth

Four Stone Hearth will be up tonight. I am running late on it, which means you still have time to get your submissions in – I only have one so far. My email address is on the “About” tab.

I will be hosting the next edition of the Four Stone Hearth this evening so send you submissions to me – there is still time! My email address in on the about tab.

Call for Submissions: Four Stone Hearth in Two Days

I will be hosting the next edition of the Four Stone Hearth on 04/27 so send you submissions to me. My email address in on the about tab.

Know Your Primate: Parapapio broomi

Order: Primates
Family: Cercopithecidae
Subfamily: Cercopithecinae
Tribe: Papionini
Genus: Parapapio
Species: Parapapio broomi

The genus Parapaio is composed of four species: Parapapio jonesi, Parapapio whitei, Parapapio broomi, and Parapapio antiquus. The picture of Parapapio broomi below is that of a specimen from Bolt’s Farm and dates to about 2 MYA (the picture is somewhat distorted the snout is not as long as in a but is longer than in b. I have been unable to correct the distortion but the original picture can be found here). Parapapio broomi has also been found at Sterkfontein.

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A Friendly Reminder to Contemporary Paleoanthropologists From L. S. B. Leakey

Years ago, as part of an honors project for a physical anthropology class, I was assigned a number of books to read. One of which was Adam’s Ancestors by L. S. B. Leakey. I haven’t read it since, but the other day I decided to buy a copy – the revised version published in 1960 – and was amused to read this in the prologue: Continue reading

Australopithecus sediba in the news

There are a couple of news articles on Australopithecus sediba. The first, at Science News concerns a presentation by Darryl de Ruiter at the AAPA meetings. Continue reading

The 116th Four Stone Hearth is up

It can be found here and contains many excellent posts, check it out!