A Plea For Tomorrow: Reject Republicans and Their Message of Hate

Whether it be the national campaign run by McCain and Palin or local campaigns such as those run by Dole and Bachmann the Republicans have run some of the most vile, hate filled campaigns that I can remember. My plea for tomorrow is that they all lose so badly that the label “Republican” will be enough to make anyone unelectable. When Americans go to the polls tomorrow, they need to reject the Republicans and everything they stand for.

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  1. Don’t worry. I would never, ever vote for anything in the shape of the current Republican Party! They stand for nothing that I can recognizde any more, as American values: inclusiveness, broadmindedness, tolerance, future orientation. They have been looking backward for some little time now, and not just in science.
    On a personal note, here in Washington State, the Republican candidate for governor, Dino Rossi, has been running some of the vilest attack ads I have ever heard, against his opponent, Christine Gregoire, the incumbent govrnor. Governor Gregoire may have her faults; she’s far from perfect(what politician is?), but these ads really make me want to retch!
    Anne G

  2. No problem, I haven’t supported a national Republican candidate since Ford.

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  4. Since the election is almost over, is there any possibility that you can get back to science instead of your inane political ramblings?

  5. Aww, your just jealous because of how poorly conservativism has done…

  6. WTF? You remind me of Michael Behe. Stick to your own field, where you won’t make a fool of yourself.

  7. Yeah, proves my point exactly…

  8. I know I’m a bit late. Thanks for the plea for sanity. Every bit helps. I sent in a similar plea to my local newspaper but they wouldn’t print it. Instead, they printed (not just one but twice on consecutive days) a rant by another local rabid Republican falsely accusing a local Democrat with racist, McCarthyist slanders. Sigh.

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